What to do with scrap wrapping paper in 2020?

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If you are like me, you hate to throw anything away outstanding scrap wrapping paper. But what are you able to do with it? It’s only a scrap… but wait! I’m sharing three simple projects that you can easily create with just a couple of supplies. You will be surprised by what you’ll do with even a little piece of scrap paper. Provides it with a try… I feel you’ll like it!


Add It To Your Scrapbook!

You probably received this beautiful scrap wrapping paper because it had been wrap around your birthday, anniversary, or wedding shower gift. So why not save ALL the memories of your big day during a scrapbook! On those page,s you’ll record the day with pictures and journaling… add your scraps of paper too!

Place a little piece of it next to the image of the gift or the one that so generously gave it to you. Or with a journaling piece talking about why it’s so special. What a stunning thanks to remember the day, the gift, and, therefore, the person!

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Use It To Wrap Another Gift!

Well… not within the same wa,y in fact … the scrap is perhaps too small. But do this … find a little gift box (either reception or at an area craft store) and decorate it! Counting on the dimensions of the scrap you’ll adorn the box up two ways: (1) cut a bit to hide the box top and a strip to wrap around the sides; or (2) tear many small pieces and make a collage on only the highest. Either way, you will have a gorgeous new bo,x which will be a stunning thanks to delivering your special gift!

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Cover a Journal or Diary

Everyone needs a journal or a diary… whether it’s to record your personal feelings or to document important information or events. In any case, employing a boring composition book or a note pad won’t do once you have beautiful paper scraps available! If you’ve got an outsized piece of paper, cut pieces to hide both the front and back of the book. If you’ve got only a smaller part, trim it, and canopy the front of the book. And if you’ve got only small pieces, make a collage! to form it even prettier, add a bit of ribbon, or embellishments sort of a felt flower or metal tag… whatever you’ve got in your craft supplies drawer. You will have a gorgeous new journal, and you will remember your gift and therefore, the one that gave it to you each time you choose it up.



Take those scraps of paper and use them during a new way… in fact, use them a bit like you’d scrapbook paper or card stock. You will find many uses for those little pieces… and you will have great memories whenever you see them.

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What to do with scrap wrapping paper in 2020?
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What to do with scrap wrapping paper in 2020?
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