Sheep Cufflinks | The History of an emblematic Cufflink for Men

The man’s shirt, and its Sheep cufflinks, first made their appearance within the mid 16th century.

Although cuff strings would remain famous well into the nineteenth century. It had been during the reign of Louis XV that shirt sleeves. Became more stylised and were fastened with what are still called, ’boutons de manchette,’: French for ‘sleeve buttons.’

In the youth, these cufflinks were often made from identical pairs of coloured glass joined together by a short, linked chain.

For wealthier gentlemen.

silver cufflinks engraved

It was during the Napoleonic period that Faberge, the French jeweller. Perfected kiln-fired enamelled jewellery, and commenced exporting cufflinks round the world.”…the red ribbon that depended from his button-hole.”

rose gold knot cufflinks

Thus began the making of the doubled-over, or ‘French cuffs’ as we all know them today. With the varying sorts of stones, precious metals, fabrics and styles now available. The cuff link became the new well-dressed man’s must-have.

With the onset of the economic Revolution.

sheep cufflinks

Shirtmakers, wanting to sell larger quantities of upper-priced dress shirts caught on to the cuff link popularity and expanded. Their lines of formal dress shirts to incorporate cufflink-ready attire.

Because the century progressed, business people began wearing cufflinks and. Stud sets for casual wear and not just with a Tuxedo…

Prices decreased, and cuff links became affordable to the typical middle-class gentleman.

Then a coffee point emerged.

Shirt manufacturers began producing dress and tuxedo shirts with buttons. Already sewn onto the cuffs. There had to be a fightback, and it’s Tiffany and Cartier who are credited with bringing back the stud sets that remain popular today. The Cufflink wasn’t getting to be kicked aside by the Button that easily!

Nowadays, we see the evolution of a replacement breed of sheep Cufflink, from the gimmicky and cheap. The fashionable and opulent, just like the Real Ferrari Cufflinks or alloy. Cufflinks for Men made by companies like GTO London.

Cufflinks of this quality look good on any man, whether you’re a classic car fanatic or a City Banker!

Any man inspired by classic cars, motoring and. Ferrari especially will love the range of recent men’s silver cufflinks we’ve to supply.sheep cufflinks

Sheep Cufflinks | The History of an emblematic Cufflink for Men
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Sheep Cufflinks | The History of an emblematic Cufflink for Men
Cufflinks not only complete your dress outfit, it completes your look. .You may love to have several styles of cufflinks allowing you to couple them with diametric suits and shirts.
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